June 15 Update

We are anticipating that Montgomery County will move to Phase 2 on Friday June 19 at 5pm.  Our plan is to be open as quickly as possible – we are aiming for a Saturday, June 20 6:30am opening.

While it is very exciting, it is also important to remember that this year’s pool season will look different than past seasons, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few changes that you will see at the pool:

1. Initially, the pool will only be open for lap swimming – we expect this to change in time, but we will need to follow local and state jurisdiction guidelines.

2. We have put additional policies and procedures in place to ensure that our members are safe and stay healthy throughout the summer swim season. You can review those additional policies and procedures here: https://bannockburnpool.com/summer2020/policies-and-procedures-2/.

3. We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to address member inquiries: https://bannockburnpool.com/summer2020/faqs/. In the FAQs, there are instructions for making reservations for visits at the pool. More information will be sent out later this week on this topic..

4. Each member will be asked to review and acknowledge the Bannockburn Pool Pledge – https://bannockburnpool.com/summer2020/. The purpose of the pledge is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the pool and feel safe.

Swim Team

While the MCSL has officially canceled the swim team season, the Swim Team committee is hard at work figuring out how to offer some sort of a swimming program for Bannockburn Swim Team swimmers.  Please stay tuned for more details on this initiative in the coming days!

Food Trucks 

Check out the pool calendar here for information about this week’s food trucks. These small businesses are really struggling during COVID-19, so they appreciate your support.

Thank you very much for your patience and flexibility this summer season. We are working to make sure that we can enjoy the pool, in some capacity, this summer.


Your Volunteer Bannockburn Pool Board