June 25 Pool Update and Reminders

The POOL IS OPEN and getting more popular by the day! Here are a few important updates and reminders:

1. Schedule Change Beginning Monday June 29
Beginning Monday June 29 we’ll be adding swim team practices to our weekday morning schedule, as well as adult water exercise classes starting July 2. These new offerings will mean slight schedule changes to Early Bird lap swimming time slots and slots later in the day. Please be patient — while pool capacity remains restricted, we will all have to share.

2. Swim Team
Registration is open for summer swim team – please find more information at the registration link here: https://bannockburndolphins.swimtopia.com/

3. Common Member Questions
Several questions have been emailed into the bannockburn inbox and we want to draw your attention to the answers. Please see below:

Can I sign up for more reservations if the pool is not fully subscribed?
In light of our capacity restrictions at this time, we’re asking each member to sign-up for no more than 4 reservations per week, including one slot on the weekend. This requirement is per paid member, not per family. In other words, different family members can sign up for the same or different 4 slots each week. We ask that you are respectful of these numbers so that all of our members can have a chance to enjoy the pool this summer.

How do I cancel my reservation?
Members will now find a Reservations tab in their manage account screen (under Member tab) where they can view all of their past and upcoming reservations and cancel any upcoming ones they no longer wish to use. If you are unable to use the online cancellation system, the lifeguards can cancel a reservation by calling (301) 229-6876 between the hours of 12PM-5PM when the pool is open.

What happens if my reservation is rained out/stormed out?
If there happens to be a rain out/storm during your reservation, and you are forced to leave the pool, that reservation will not count against your reservations for the week.

What happens if someone near me is coughing and I am uncomfortable?
Given the time of year and for various reasons, people sometimes cough. That said, a symptom of COVID-19 is also a dry cough. If someone is coughing and there is a concern or someone feels unsafe, please notify a lifeguard of your concern and a supervisor will speak with that person or parent. During these times of COVID, we ask that you please be vigilant if you or a family member are sick, please stay home – we appreciate your cooperation during this time.

When do I have to wear my mask at the pool? Do I need to wear it when I walk in?
Per the FAQs – Staff and patrons will be required to wear face coverings when outside of the water whenever possible. Please make sure you wear a mask at the entrance and all other times when possible.

Here is a link to the FAQs for your reference: https://bannockburnpool.com/summer2020/faqs/

4. Grills
The grills will be opening on Saturday for member use. Please make sure you bring your own grill tongs and wipes to clean high touch surfaces before and after grilling.

5. Text Alerts
To get alerts about changes to pool operating days and hours because of weather, etc., please sign up for text alerts: Text bburnpool to 662-200-4303 or go here to sign up. Opt out of the text alerts at any time by texting “unsubscribe” to 662-200-4303. If you already signed up for this service last year you do not need to sign up again.

Food Deliveries and Trucks @ Pool Parking Lot

Below is a brief update and summary of this week’s pick up food options. These struggling companies would LOVE your business! If you happen to be at the pool swimming consider buying from these trucks to make it worth their while. All food pick ups are at the pool parking lot.

Thursday (June 25) Shouk Israeli vegetarian food. You can order via their website or app before 4 pm Thursday. These “Hood Drops” are every Thursday with a delivery at 6 pm. Shouk is an award winning fast casual with a unique take on Israeli street food. Their food is plant-based, planet-friendly, and certified Kosher. They’ve just added falafel and other meal kits to their menu.

Saturday (June 27) Little Lady Grill Latin Fusion 3-8 pm Menu can be viewed here (scroll down to bottom). She offers wonderful grilled dishes including chicken, steak, shrimp, salmon, as well as some veg options. Call or text your order in advance now and up until Saturday at 703-475-4576. She can also accommodate walk/drive ups too if she doesn’t sell out. Check out more background information on Glenda here.

Sunday (June 28) Mana Hawiian Food Truck 3-8 pm Menu and pre-ordering available now here. Mana has items to choose from including Poke, Island Fried Chicken, Kalua Pork and Tempura Tofu. And do order the purple sweet potato haupia pie if it’s available! More background info on Mana can be found here.