July 10 Update

A few updates to our policies and procedures as we continue to try to optimize our operations based on member feedback. Thanks for staying patient and sharing the pool with your fellow members:

Lap Lanes During Open Swim

Please limit your swim in the lap lanes to 30 minutes during open recreational swim. We have a lot of interest in using the lap lanes and we cannot have more than 1 swimmer per lane, per local jurisdiction guidelines. There is now a sign-up white board next to the lap lanes. To claim a lane, please write down your name, time and lane number. Below that is a waitlist of members who wish to queue for the next available lap lane. When a lane becomes available, cross your initials out of the queue and write your start time down under the lane number that you will be using. If no one is waiting for a lane, you may continue to use it.

Reservation FAQs

We receive a lot of questions about our reservation system and limits. Please refer to this FAQ for more information. And as a reminder each member is only allowed 4 reservations per person (3 during the week and one on the weekend).

Uploading photos into your pool portal

Please upload a photo to your member portal here or you can have your photo taken at the pool and uploaded to your account. Upon check in, your name will be matched with your image. As a reminder, no one should be posing as you. If we find members allowing friends or family members signing in as them, we will consider immediately freezing the entire membership account for the remainder of the season.

Stroke Coaching/Swim Lessons

Given social distancing requirements, all swim lessons this summer will be focused on stroke improvement versus learn-to-swim. Each 30-minute session will be approximately $25 with payment to be handled directly with the instructor who will be our swim coaches and lifeguards. Please go to the pool website’s Activities page and let us know about your child’s current swimming level and objectives for the lessons and an instructor will be in-touch within a few days.


Members – it is critically important that everyone in your party has a mask on upon arrival at the pool. If you are sitting in your chair and you are properly distanced from others, you don’t need to wear your mask. However, if you are walking around the pool deck, going to the bathroom, entering or exiting the pool – you need to wear your mask.

Also, the lifeguards are finding too many discarded masks on the ground at the pool and our guards are being called upon to pick up other people’s masks and discard them. This is not appropriate. Please make sure you hang on to your own mask and wear it upon your entry and departure from the pool. Thank you!