July Newsletter 2021

Dear Bannockburn Swim Club Members,

We have more scorching hot days ahead so we hope you are enjoying cooling off poolside.  Here are a few important updates as we head into the July 4th holiday weekend.

Pool Hours

Pool Hours Weekends and Holidays, including July 4th,  is 10:30 am to 8:00 pm.  Weekdays is 6:30 to 8:30 am for Adult Early Bird Swim and then 10:30 am to 8 pm.

Poop Incident

We regret to inform our members that we had a fecal incident this past week that forced us to close our pool for half a day.  We want to remind members who have young children that are not potty trained that swim diapers are MANDATORY.

Glass and Trash

We would like to remind all members that glass is strictly prohibited at our entire facility, both inside and in the parking lot of our pool.  We have many young children that run around in bare feet.  It is unfortunate that we continue to see members bringing in glass wine and beer bottles.  If you must bring these things in, transfer them to plastic or bring in canned beer/boxed wine.

Also, please ask your children to pick up their trash! They are eating ice creams and throwing their trash all over the pool deck.  It’s not fair that our lifeguards are staying late to clean up after families who are leaving a lot of trash behind including on the ground, on picnic tables and around the loungers.

First Inaugural Parent/Coaches vs. Kids Dive Throw Down! Friday, July 2, 6:00-7:00 PM

Show off your Cannonballs, Belly Flops Battles, Divers Dive and Swimmers Dive! We also welcome spectators and fans to cheer on the contestants. Parents come out and embarrass your kids.  Sign-up sheets for the contest will be available right before the event.
Live Music with Our Own Coach Gideon on Guitar! Saturday, July 3, 5:30 -7:30 PM

Come out and hear Coach Gideon’s band!  They’ll be playing on the area near our basketball court.  Freddy Gang is an up and coming pop/rock group composed of four recently graduated Whitman students: Gideon Helf, Eli Blanks, Joseph Kaplan, and Josh Lieberman. They met in high school through the music and drama programs, and formed Freddy Gang over the quarantine. Their influences span from Wilco and Joni Mitchell, to The Beatles and XTC. You can hear their debut album on any streaming service you prefer.  To listen to one of their songs listen here or here.

Who’s Who At the Pool – Coach Lisa Long

Bannockburn pool is thrilled to welcome new head swim team Coach, Lisa Long.  Lisa has most recently been year-long coaching for Joe Flaherty’s Dolphins program in Quince Orchard. As soon as the swim team committee scouted her out, we knew that she would be a great addition to our pool. Lisa is a long-time swimmer, former MCSL record holder for girls 11-12 50 back, top 3 in Eastern zones, and was top 10 in Junior Olympics.  She graduated from nearby Wooton High school and majored in Drama at NYU. Lisa brings her drive, imagination, and love of kids to the pool everyday. “I believe that, along with consistency and the willingness to do hard things, genuine enjoyment of a sport is key to the best and most fulfilling athletic performance. That’s why I aim to foster a love for swimming itself rather than a love for winning.”

Lisa Long, far right. Photo Credit: Michael Hyman

Food Events

Bannockburn Pool is famous for its gourmet food offerings.  Most of these small, immigrant-owned restaurants and food trucks are still recovering from huge financial losses during Covid.  Please consider ordering from them on their visits to make it worth their while.
Here are a few upcoming food events:
Friday (7-2) Pepe – Spanish/José Andrés’ Food Truck – Online ordering here.  4:30 to 7:30 pm
Sunday (7-4) Mina’s Tamales/ Latino Food Truck – Online ordering hereNoon to 5:00 pm
Tuesday (7-6) Lebanese Taverna Restaurant Delivery – Menu and pre-ordering here.Delivery @ 6 p.m. Ordering deadline same day @ noon.
Sunday (7-11) Fords Fish Shack Food Truck – Menu and pre-ordering here. 4:00 – 8:00 pm
Check out the calendar here to see future food events. Many are being added often.

We hope everyone has a happy 4th.  As always feel free to leave feedback or suggestions to us at info@bannockburnpool.com

Thank you,
Your Volunteer Board of Directors