June 21 Update

Here are a few high-level reminders as we return to the pool.  Read this helpful, brief reservation instruction overview.   Our policies and procedures and our Covid FAQs also have useful info.
  1. Use Google Chrome when making reservations.  Many who used other web browsers had trouble completing the reservation process.
  2. We ask that members reserve no more than one 2-hour slot on the weekends and three (3) 2-hour slots during the week.  Paid family members can reserve at different times or families can come together.
  3. Members can only make a reservation 48 hours in advance.  Every day the system will open for the next available sign up slots.
  4. Early bird lap swimming does not count towards above four visit weekly limit.

June 15 Update

We are anticipating that Montgomery County will move to Phase 2 on Friday June 19 at 5pm.  Our plan is to be open as quickly as possible – we are aiming for a Saturday, June 20 6:30am opening.

While it is very exciting, it is also important to remember that this year’s pool season will look different than past seasons, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few changes that you will see at the pool:

1. Initially, the pool will only be open for lap swimming – we expect this to change in time, but we will need to follow local and state jurisdiction guidelines.

2. We have put additional policies and procedures in place to ensure that our members are safe and stay healthy throughout the summer swim season. You can review those additional policies and procedures here: https://bannockburnpool.com/summer2020/policies-and-procedures-2/.

3. We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to address member inquiries: https://bannockburnpool.com/summer2020/faqs/. In the FAQs, there are instructions for making reservations for visits at the pool. More information will be sent out later this week on this topic..

4. Each member will be asked to review and acknowledge the Bannockburn Pool Pledge – https://bannockburnpool.com/summer2020/. The purpose of the pledge is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the pool and feel safe.

Swim Team

While the MCSL has officially canceled the swim team season, the Swim Team committee is hard at work figuring out how to offer some sort of a swimming program for Bannockburn Swim Team swimmers.  Please stay tuned for more details on this initiative in the coming days!

Food Trucks 

Check out the pool calendar here for information about this week’s food trucks. These small businesses are really struggling during COVID-19, so they appreciate your support.

Thank you very much for your patience and flexibility this summer season. We are working to make sure that we can enjoy the pool, in some capacity, this summer.


Your Volunteer Bannockburn Pool Board

June 8 Update

Hello Bannockburn Swim Club Families,

Although Governor Hogan recently announced plans for a further re-opening of the state to Phase 2, Montgomery County Executive Elrich said the county will remain in phase 1 for the time being.   It is our hope that an announcement will be made soon and we are pleased to share that our pool passed its inspection and is ready to open when we are able to do so.

The Board, in close communication with our pool contractor, is sorting through details. Much will depend on Montgomery County’s guidelines, but we anticipate a “Phase One” opening that will allow for limited and controlled access to the pool. Planning steps that need to be completed in advance of the opening include working with our software vendor to employ a reservation system and developing policies requiring staggered arrivals and exits, limiting use of the bath houses, getting staff appropriately trained, and implementing a robust cleaning/sanitizing protocol.

We realize you likely have many questions and concerns.  Please refer to this Covid 19 FAQ for more information. 

We are very busy preparing to be ready to open the pool on the first day that Montgomery County allows it.  We appreciate your continued patience – we too are eager to jump in the water!

Below is a brief update and summary of this week’s pick up food options.  These struggling companies would LOVE your business!  All food pick ups are at the pool parking lot (6513 Laverock Lane, Bethesda).

Tuesday (June 11) 5-7 pm District Falafel has been a long time Bannockburn Swim Club and Swim Team favorite.  You can order and pay online here. You can also text or phone in your order to 202 422 8353.   Mohammad, the owner, grew up in Palestine and would often help his mom pick out spices from the market to make traditional Palestinian dishes. His aunt, owned a falafel shop and taught Mohammad the ins and outs of how to soak chickpeas in a warm climate overnight, and add onions and spices through a variety of techniques. These time intensive steps are truly what makes Mohammad’s falafel so scrumptious and addicting.

Mohammad later moved to Jerusalem and was enamored by the different spices from all over the world he found there. He is extremely grateful for the spices he tried while in Jerusalem, and the experiences he gained living there. Mohammad has also had another food truck, Holy Moly Hummus where he gained invaluable experience and noticed that his customers love unique combinations and traditional foods including his Pakistani rice that he has mastered!

Mohammad’s twists on falafel, shawarma, and lamb wraps are customer favorites because of the traditional touches and unusual spice combinations. His savviness with cooking traditional foods in a new and truly unique way, make District Falafel something to try!

Like other food trucks, the Corona virus has hit his business hard.  He would love to have your business.

Thursday (June 11) Shouk Israeli vegetarian food.  These “Hood Drops” are every Thursday with a delivery at 6 pm.  Shouk is an award winning fast casual with a unique take on Israeli street food.  Their food is plant-based, planet-friendly, and certified Kosher. If you’ve never heard of Shouk, check out this recent Washington Post review.  You can order via their website or app before 4 pm Thursday. 

Saturday (June 13) Pho Wheels 11 am – 5 pm  Online ordering will open Friday night June 12 at 7 pm and the menu can be viewed here.

Welcome to the wild world that is PhoWheels! This unique Vietnamese comfort food inspired food truck is a family business originally from Houston, Texas, but now roaming the DMV bringing traditional recipes with modern interpretations. Vietnamese food has many influences including both Chinese and French and thus PhoWheels cooking is infused with unusual spice combinations, textures and flavors that reflect these influences. As you slurp the beefy broth of a bowl of Pho or bite into a Vietnamese taco or a banh mi sandwich, you will taste the flavor explosion of cilantro, pickled carrots, siracha and garlic. You will understand the crossroad of cultures that is Vietnamese cuisine and you will say “YUM! I want more of this food!”

Pho Wheels offers great Vietnamese take out food, including banh mi sandwiches, pho, eggrolls, Vietnamese inspired tacos and Viet iced coffee.

Sunday (June 14)  Little Lady Grill 4 – 7 pm –  Meet Glenda and The Little Lady Latin Fusion Grill Truck who is returning by popular demand. This is a family owned and family oriented business that specializes in an all grilled menu that features healthy food of the finest quality. Glenda, an El Salvadorean-American has been grilling her entire life, learning from her father, who would fire up the grill in the back yard every evening. Glenda and her husband grill throughout all four seasons and particularly like grilling steaks in the winter! Grilling a lovely rib-eye steak, from her father’s recipe is Glenda’s favorite item to cook, but she prefers to eat a fabulous piece of grilled chicken. (Her best sellers are grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon and carne asada).  Glenda uses unique spice combinations, fresh herbs and family recipes to bring you unforgettable platters, salads and sandwiches of the best grilled food around town!  Check out her menu options here (scroll down to the bottom of the page).  You can call or text your order in advance now and up until Sunday at 703-475-4576.  Glenda prefers Venmo or cash payments but can accommodate credit card if that is not possible.  She can also accommodate walk/drive ups too if she doesn’t sell out. 


Your Bannockburn Swim Club Board of Directors