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District Falafel has been a long time Bannockburn Swim Club and Swim Team favorite.

Mohammad, the owner, grew up in Palestine and would often help his mom pick out spices from the market to make traditional Palestinean dishes. His aunt, owned a falafel shop and taught Mohammad the ins and outs of how to soak chickpeas in a warm climate overnight, and add onions and spices through a variety of techniques. These time intensive steps are truly what makes Mohammad’s falafel so scrumptious and addicting.

Mohammad later moved to Jerusalem and was enamored by the different spices from all over the world he found there. He is extremely grateful for the spices he tried while in Jerusalem, and the experiences he gained living there. Mohammad has also had another food truck, Holy Moly Hummus where he gained invaluable experience and noticed that his customers love unique combinations and traditional foods including his Pakistani rice that he has mastered!

Mohammad’s twists on falafel, shawarma, and lamb wraps are customer favorites because of the traditional touches and unusual spice combinations. His savviness with cooking traditional foods in a new and truly unique way, make District Falafel something to try!

You can order online here  (please be sure to designate a specific pick up time by selecting “Schedule for Later” prompt).

Like other food trucks, the Corona virus has hit his business hard.  He would love to have your business.