Medium Rare Restaurant Delivery

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Medium Rare Restaurant will be making a community delivery to the pool on Friday, October 2 for a 6pm pick up.
Menu options can be seen on left side of their website (Look at Dinner, Dessert, Drinks to Go).
Not on menu, they also will be offering a steak sandwiches for $10 (see picture below). Pre-ordering now open with a deadline of 2pm Friday, October 2.  Place order with your name and phone number via email @ and Kelley will follow up with a payment and confirmation. And don’t forget to add a dessert as they have many great ones on offer.

It should be noted that Medium Rare has been doing good works for the community.  Since March 3rd 2020 local Mark Bucher, a partner in Medium Rare, has donated over 10,000 meals to the elderly, first responders & elementary students.

Your meal orders/donations go towards providing Medium Rare meals to those seniors that cannot go out and are the most vulnerable among us. Your support also allows the restaurant to keep their employees working and providing for their families.


$23.95 Set Menu
prix fixe
Artisan Rustic Bread
pain de campagne

Mixed Green Salad
la salade verte

Award-Winning Culotte Steak &
Hand-Cut Fries with Secret Sauce
steak culotte, frites et sauce secrète