Peruvian Brothers Food Truck

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We’re excited the Peruvian Brothers will be making a return.   Everything on their menu can be ordered on the spot (no pre-ordering necessary).  They will be offering their delicious Peruvian sandwiches, platters, empanadas, a variety of sides and Peruvian desserts (alfajor anyone?!). Giuseppe and Mario Lanzone were raised off the coast of Lima, Peru and spent much of their time in the ocean and feasting on fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. Peruvian Brothers food truck captures the rich delicious Peruvian ingredients and flavors, as well as a piece of the Lanzone’s unique heritage. Sandwiches like Pan con Chicharron, a combination of salted pork loin and sweet potato bring the traditional Peruvian spices to the plate with an authentic and healthy twist.

Food Truck Menu 2020