Photo Scavenger Hunt For All Ages

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Michael Hyman and Tanya Sisler are joining forces again to offer you a fun-filled photo scavenger hunt!  What is this exactly you say?!  A photo scavenger hunt is a fun, active party game for all ages in which participants compete to be the first to complete a list of photo-based tasks in a limited amount of time. The winning team is decided by a points system, with more difficult  photography tasks awarded a greater number of points. A photo scavenger hunt follows the same format as a traditional scavenger hunt, but replaces the items to collect with a list of photos that participants must take with their cell phones.  Members of all ages including adults will be placed in teams by Michael and Tanya at the start of the hunt. You cannot choose your team and you may need to compete against friends and family members!

We will have prizes for the winning team.   Meet us near the grills and be ready to make new friends and have fun!

Photo Credit Michael Hyman.

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