Pie Sisters Special Community Delivery

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Pie Sisters is a little gem of a bakery in nearby Georgetown.  But the logistics of getting to them and finding parking is challenging at best.  We are lucky they are bringing their homemade pies in all sizes to us for this special community delivery!  Why not treat your family to a few of their offerings to kick off the weekend?  Their best sellers are: savory chicken pot pie. Sweet: apple Caramel Crunch, cherry, banana cream and key lime.  I tried the lemonberry cuppie and must say I fell in love!

  1. Go here to view menu and make your selection.  Please note you can select “bites”, “cuppies” or whole pies.  (Do NOT order from their website. See below)
  2. Send email with subject line “Bannockburn Pool Delivery March 19” with your selection to orders@piesisters.com
  3. Include your name, phone number, and pie types, sizes and quantities with your email order.  The owner will send you a confirmation link and payment instructions.
  4. Deadline to place all orders for this special community delivery is on Thursday, March 18 at 6 pm.
  5. If you have questions or difficulties, send an email to orders@piesisters.com