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Menu and pre- ordering link can be found here: https://www.rasagrill.com/bannockburn  (Ordering open now with a deadline noon same day as delivery.) When ordering – Click Pick Up, (do NOT enter Delivery!) enter May 14, 6:00 pm.  Once you complete your order don’t be confused by the location Navy Yard in confirmation email.

Rasa has a lot of wonderful and healthy options to choose from including loads of vegetarian and vegan options. RASA is a hip fast casual Indian restaurant with locations in the Navy Yard and Mount Veron areas of DC which are owned by two childhood friends Rahul and Sahil. Like most restaurants, their business has suffered during COVID so please consider ordering from these well deserving young restaurant owners. They have an amazing variety of healthy mains, sides, desserts and drinks (80% of their menu is vegan). Some of their best sellers are Tikka Chance on Me (chicken tikka (not spicy), on a bed of basmati rice, spinach and other fixins) and Harvest Bowl & Aloo Need Is Love (sweet pot tikka, coconut ginger sauce on lemon turmeric rice) for the vegan lovers. For those who can take more heat, try the lamb dishes or Goa Your Own Way (spiced beef, rice, lentils, coconut ginger sauce, mint cilantro chutney). For kids you can create bowls with rice and protein if some of the above are too exotic for your picky eater… See why this gem of a restaurant has a near perfect score on Yelp…

I’d also like to point out these owners give to the community in many ways…While many restaurant kitchens have been eerily quiet during COVID, RASA has been cranking out hundreds of meals per day. Since the start of the crisis, in partnership with World Central Kitchen, Off Their Plate, and Real Food for Kids, their restaurant has prepared close to 40,000 meals for those in need, including free meals for students, food insecure families, health care workers, and financially strapped hospitality industry employees. To that end, Rasa has added an option for you to donate a meal (s) to Real Food for Kids (supplying meals for the food insecure families) which you can access by clicking the Bannockburn Pool Hood Drop option. Read more about RASA’s background here. (Also if the ordering instructions are a little confusing, please contact Rahul at Namaste@rasagrill.com or 202 725 4634 and he’ll be happy to help).

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