Sababa – Middle Eastern Restaurant Community Delivery

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Sababa will be making a Bannockburn delivery debut. Their menu and pre-ordering link can be seen here.  (Online ordering open now with an order deadline day of delivery – Friday. 2.26- at 1 pm).

Ordering Instructions

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Email or call 202 244 6750 with your order
Put “Bannockburn Pool Delivery” in subject line
Include a call back number in your email so they can confirm your order and take your payment information

Sababa is a Hebrew slang word meaning “great or cool” and can express enthusiasm and satisfaction. Sababa comes from the Arabic word tzababa, which means great or excellent in spoken Arabic. Like the name Sababa, Israel’s food has its roots in both Jewish and Arab cuisine. The cuisine of Sababa exemplifies the true melting pot that is Israel. Israeli food encompasses the traditions of over a hundred cultures that have been in Israel and in Palestine, or moved from the Diaspora to modern-day Israel. There are foods from Bulgaria, Romania, North Africa, Yemen, Ethiopia, Georgia, the Balkans, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, and Turkey — just to name a few.  Learn more about Sababa’s chef and the restaurant here.

See why Sababa consistently gets stellar reviews from food critics here