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Shouk is taking orders here until 3 pm Thursday (June 10).  These “Hood Drops” are usually at the nearby Bannockburn Clubhouse every Thursday with a delivery at 6:00 – 6:30.  However, Thursday, June 10 the delivery will be at Bannockburn Pool. 

Shouk is an award-winning fast casual with a unique take on Israeli street food.  Everything is 100% plant based.  In addition to their veg burgers, they also offer pita sandwiches, salads, grain bowls and sides as well as DIY falafel and other meal kits.   And for sweet options, I must admit I am addicted to their lemon coconut date balls with nuts.  We are lucky that this healthy deliciousness is delivered right to our community every week.   And since our neighborhood delivery has been one of their most successful drops, the owners have offered up to 10% of their sale proceeds to go to the Bannockburn Community Clubhouse.  They hope that neighbors will feel good knowing that by supporting them, they are also supporting their community.

Shouk’s Mushroom Shawarma on Hummus

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