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Consider supporting this well deserving and talented immigrant chef. Majed offers a variety of Middle Eastern offerings from his native Syria. Menu and pre-odering link here. Deadline to order is noon on Aug 13 for a 6:00 – 6:30 pm pick up @ Bannockburn Pool, 6513 Laverock Lane, Bethesda.

Here is more background on this talented chef….Chef Majed is the American dream of Majed Abdulraheem who came to Maryland as a Syrian refugee in early 2017. But his dream does not begin there, it begins in his mother’s kitchen where he learned her secret recipes, her spice combinations, her dollops of olive oil and pomegranate syrup. The story continues in formal culinary school training in Homs, Syria, then work in a four star French and Mediterranean restaurant. Fleeing Syria at the beginning of the war, Majed lived and cooked in Jordan for three years waiting to immigrate. Only in Maryland for a short while, Majed found a full time job with Foodhini, a dinner delivery start-up and was their #1 chef for three years. His chicken shawarma was consistently the #1 requested dinner and the #1 revenue producer for the company as well as the item that Whole Foods selected when Foodhini made a partnership with Whole Foods Market. Majed left Foodhini in December 2019 to start his own food delivery/catering business, Chef Majed, and he is happy to cook for you from Union Kitchen, DC.
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