Bannockburn Swim Club Health Declaration

BY MAKING THIS RESERVATION I hereby certify, represent and warrant as follows:

  1. If I or anyone in my household develops a fever above 100.4°F degrees F or is diagnosed COVID-19 within fourteen (14) days after visiting the pool, I promise to inform the President of the Board or another Board member of the date and time of the visit(s) within the 14 day period. This is extremely important because it allows the Board to take additional precautions and provide other families who attended that reserved pool session with anonymous information that they should be aware of. To be clear, the Board will not disclose any names to non-Board members.
  2. Within the fourteen (14) days immediately preceding the date of this Health Declaration, I or a person in my family using the pool HAVE NOT:

· Tested positive or presumptive positive with the Coronavirus or been identified as a potential carrier of the COVID-19 virus or similar communicable illness; or
· Experienced any symptoms commonly associated with the coronavirus.

Bannockburn Swim Club Reservations (Use Google Chrome)

In light of our capacity restrictions at this time, we’re asking each member to sign-up for no more than 3 reservations during the week (M-F) and no more than 1 reservation on the weekend (Sat & Sun). This requirement is per paid member, not per family.  In other words, different family members can sign up for the same or different 4 slots each week. Reservations open 2 days prior (for example:  reservations open up at 12:01 am Friday morning for all Sunday slots.)