Guest Passes

Guest Credits are used at the following rates:

  • Weekday Guests: $5.00 per person/5 credits (any age)
  • Weekend and Holiday Guests: $10.00 per person/10 credits (any age)

Guest credits are sold in blocks of 40 for $1 per credit ($40 = 40 credits).

  • Select quantity of “1” if you’d like 40 guest credits (admits 8 guests during the week, and 4 at weekends)
  • Select quantity of “2” if you’d like 80 guest credits (admits 16 during the week and 8 at weekends)
  • You can select up to a maximum of “5” (200 guest credits) (admits 40 guests during the week and 20 at weekends).
  • You may purchase guest credits multiple times during the season and they never expire.