Approved by the Board of Directors – February 25, 2020



Assumption of Risk and Personal Property:

All members and guests use the pool, diving boards, grounds and facilities at their own risk. Bannockburn Swim Club is not responsible for the loss or theft of any personal property or for injuries caused by a member’s or guest’s own negligence and/or failure to follow the pool rules


Authority of Lifeguards:

Lifeguards have full authority to clear the pool of all or any swimmers at any time. Talking to the lifeguards when they are guarding is not allowed, except to report a safety violation or unsafe condition.  Lifeguards also have the authority to check in members and guests. All members and guests shall be respectful of the the lifeguards and use appropriate language when communicating with them. At any time when the pool is open, there will be a designated pool manager on duty (“Pool Manager”) who is responsible for maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all members to enjoy the swim club while she or he is in charge.


Admittance of children:

Children under eight years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a person 16 years of age or older. Unaccompanied children between the ages of eight and 13 will only be admitted to the pool if they have passed the Basic Swimming Test.



Intoxicated persons are strictly prohibited on pool property. Persons who appear to be intoxicated in the judgment of any pool authority must leave when requested to do so. Permission to serve alcohol at pool sponsored events must be obtained in advance from the board of directors.


Basic Swimming Test:

All persons 13 years of age and younger must pass a deep water test before being allowed in the main pool. The test shall consist of swimming one length of the main pool without stopping, floating for two minutes and treading water for two minutes. When a lifeguard is concerned about the safety of any swimmer, the lifeguard may require that person to take the Basic Swimming Test.


Wading Pool Use:

The wading pool is only for children four years of age and younger. The Pool Manager has the authority to make an exception to this rule. All children using the wading pool must be under the direct supervision of a person 16 years of age or older who must remain in the wading pool area with the child at all times, i.e., within the fence surrounding the wading pool. Lifeguards are not present in the wading pool area and they are not responsible for the safety of any person using the wading pool.  Members are asked to keep the wading pool gate closed at all times. For safety reasons, the parent or person responsible for supervising his or her children and guest children must ensure that children not play on or above the retaining wall in the wading pool area 


Diving Board Use:

There shall be only one person on the diving board at a time and only one bounce allowed. When the diving board is in use, exit from the diving well is by the ladder only. Once a person has dived, the next diver shall wait until the previous diver has exited the diving well by the ladder.


Swimming and Playing in the Diving Well Area:

Swimming in the diving well area is allowed only when the diving board is closed.


Diving and Jumping into the Pools:

No diving into the intermediate pool or the shallow end of the main pool is permitted. Diving and jumping from the sides and deep end of the main pool is limited to front standing dives and jumps.


General Use of the Pools:

No running, rough play or other activities that hinder safe operation of the pool will be allowed. No water guns, water balloons or flotation devices are allowed without the permission of the manager on duty.  All members, including their children and guests, agree to be courteous and respectful of other members, including their children and guests. Any complaints or unresolved disputes should be presented to the Pool Manager, who has the authority to resolve any conflict, including issuing warnings and/or asking any member or guest to leave the pool grounds. 


Pool Wi-Fi

The Bannockburn Swim Club provides Wi-Fi to all members who wish to use it to connect personal devices. Members who use the pool’s Wi-Fi agree to: 1) use it an a manner that does not violate any federal, state or local laws or regulations (e.g., no illegal sharing of music or streaming of pirated movies), and 2) use it in a manner that is appropriate in a community setting with small children present. 


Adult Swim:

During adult swim, children younger than 16 years of age must completely vacate the pool and not interfere with adult swimmers.


Use of Lap Lanes and Lap Swimming Etiquette:

Only persons swimming laps will be allowed in the designated lap lanes. If two swimmers are using the lane, they may swim side by side. If three or more swimmers are using a lap lane, they must swim in a loop pattern. Swimmers are encouraged to join lanes with other swimmers who swim at a similar speed, if at all possible. Lap swimmers have priority of use of the lap lanes over lessons.



There is no smoking or vaping allowed anywhere on the pool property.


Glass containers:

No glass containers of any kind are allowed on the pool property.  If a member or guest has any glass container (e.g., beer bottles, wine bottles, glass containers), he or she will be asked to dispose of it immediately or leave it at the guard desk to take home when the person leaves the pool.  Most people walk barefoot in and around the pool and this is for everyone’s safety.


Chewing Gum and Food:

No chewing gum or food is allowed on the pool deck.


Grill area:

Members are allowed to use the grill area on a first come basis.  However, members should share the grills and make room for others to use the grills as soon as reasonably possible.  Any member who uses the grill is asked to scrub the metal grates when finished and wash all utensils borrowed from the guard desk.  Raw meat must not touch any of the counter surfaces. In addition, members must wash dirty utensils, plates and any other cooking items in the bathrooms, not with pool water or with the nearby faucet or hose.



No pets shall be allowed on pool property.


Sight Lines:

Nothing shall be draped over the fence separating the wading pool from the main pool area.


Ball and Other Object Throwing:

The throwing of balls and other play objects is at the discretion of the manager on duty. However, throwing hard balls (including footballs) or other rigid objects, such as Frisbees, is prohibited.



Swimmers must take soap showers before entering the pool.

Individuals with infections of the skin or eyes, with respiratory or gastrointestinal infections, or presenting other contamination risk are not allowed in the pool.

No spitting or nose blowing in the pool.  All injuries must be reported to the manager on duty.

Children who are not fully toilet trained or incontinent persons must wear a diaper and snugly fitting protective waterproof pants in the pool.



Guests must be accompanied by a member to gain access to the pool. Members are asked to have sufficient guest credits which can be purchased online or at the front desk with a credit card.  A member wishing to bring a group of 10 or more guests to the pool should complete the party reservation application on the pool website  at least one week in advance and provide a guest ticket for each guest. Approval of such a request will be at the discretion of the Pool Manager.



Unauthorized use of the pool outside the scheduled open times will be considered a flagrant violation of these rules and shall result in either suspension or termination of the household membership.



Any person violating these rules may be requested to leave the pool property, or be subject to such lesser penalty as a lifeguard may impose. Flagrant or repeated violations of these rules may result in either suspension or termination of a household membership or other appropriate punishment as determined by the board.  If a member or guest has a complaint, it should be made to the Pool Manager. The Pool Manager has the authority to resolve any conflict, including issuing warnings and/or asking any member or guest to leave the pool grounds if the conflict cannot be resolved. If conflicts are still not resolved, any member or guest may submit a written complaint to the Pool Board at  


All pool members understand that the Pool Board is comprised of volunteers who are donating their time.  All pool members hereby release and forever discharge and hold harmless the members of the Board, their successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from their work for the Bannockburn Swim Club. 


If any members have any questions, suggested feedback or complaints please send an email to and a Board member will respond.