Members wishing to host parties during normal pool hours are welcome. Our primary concerns when considering a request for a party are the safety of all swimmers and the enjoyment of other members at the time of the party. Please check the calendar for team meets or other potential conflicts.

All requests must be made by a current member who should be present during the party. Parties must have sufficient adult supervision at all times. Life guards cannot provide support of any sort for parties.

Parties of less than 10 guests: Are welcome anytime (although discouraged during swim team practices). We ask that you still please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Parties of 10 – 25 guests: Please make a request to the Social Events Director three weeks before the planned event. Due to demands on the pool these are subject to approval by the pool manager, and may require board approval, depending on the requested size/date/time. Requests at quieter times (weekday evenings, or in August for example) are generally easier to accommodate.

Parties of more than 25 guests: Are hard for the pool to accommodate at any time. Please make a request four weeks in advance. All requests require board approval.

Fees: Guests will be charged guest fees applicable for the time of the party. Hosts may be asked to cover any additional life guard costs if the pool manager thinks the size of the party requires additional coverage.