Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Who is a permanent member?

Permanent members are those who have who have paid the one-time membership fee and annual permanent member dues. Many permanent members live within the Bannockburn subdivision, but the bylaws also provide for households in the surrounding community to become permanent members.

Who is an active permanent member?

An active permanent member is a permanent member household that has completed the registration and paid the dues in full for the current year.

Who is an inactive permanent member?

An inactive permanent member is a permanent member household that has neither completed the registration nor paid the dues in full for the current year.

Are there any costs if a permanent member becomes inactive?

Yes – there is a $200 annual administrative fee for inactive permanent members. 

I am no longer able to use the pool.  How can I get my permanent membership fee refunded? 

Please send an email to with your mailing address.  If there is another family ready to take your membership slot, we will mail your refund (minus any inactive fees) promptly.  But there may be a delay if we have already closed our registration of new members (usually by end of March).

Does my permanent membership accrue interest? 

No, interest does not accrue.  When you return your permanent membership, you will receive whatever you paid for it, minus any inactivity fees. 

I am selling my house and want my membership to transfer to the new owners.  Is this possible?

Yes, if you live in the Bannockburn subdivision.  The new owners will need to pay for any inactive fees on your account, plus the difference of the current permanent membership fee of $2,000.   We will gladly welcome new Bannockburn residents!

What is the process for becoming a permanent member?

You can submit an application for permanent membership – available in the “Members” section of this website— at any time.

What is a summer membership?

A summer membership is a seasonal membership that coincides with the pool’s operating season. Summer memberships are not guaranteed from year to year and are only offered a spot if there are no more qualifying applicants for permanent memberships.  

What is the process for becoming a summer member?

You can apply under the “Members” section of this website at any time.

Can I apply for permanent and summer membership at the same time?

Yes, we have combined our waitlist application form; you have the option to check both boxes with paying only a one-time application fee of $50. 

Do I have to apply for the waitlist every year?

No, you only need to apply once and unless you ask us to remove your name, your application remains active.

Is there a fee to get on the permanent or summer waitlist?

Yes, there is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $50 for permanent and summer membership applications.

What is a late-summer member?

A late-summer member is a partial season membership that allows you to use the pool from August 1 to the end of the operating season (usually mid-September).

What is the process for becoming a late-summer member?

You can apply in the “Members” section of this website on or about May 1 of every year.

Will you be offering an early-bird discount again for late summer memberships? 

 In principle, yes.  But COVID may prohibit us to welcome new late season members in 2021.  In normal times, if you register and pay before May 31, 2021 you will be eligible for a $50 discount off your late summer membership fee.

What forms of payment are acceptable for BSC dues and fees?

We ask that all payments be made via credit card. If you would rather call in your credit card information, feel free to send an email to

How do I change my member contact information (i.e.,: home address and email address)?

Go to the “Members” section of the website and then click on “manage account.”

Does BSC offer any reduced dues for seniors?

Yes. Permanent members who have one or more adults over the age of 65 as of Memorial Day weekend 2021 qualify for a $115 discount on their annual dues. Please check the Senior Discount box when completing your registration.

Do I have to count my nanny or babysitter who goes to the pool with my children as a household member when calculating dues?

Yes, if they are a current employee and will use the pool’s facilities – even if they’re not swimming – they must be counted as members. This includes housekeepers, au pairs, grandparents, and babysitters. 

Can I add my adult children and their kids (my grandchildren) to my membership?

No, if these family members are not living in your home they should not be added to your membership. Rather, they should be brought to the pool as your guests, or alternatively apply for their own household membership. 

I have a baby; do I count him or her in membership calculations?

It depends on when they were born.  For any infants born after 1/1/2021, there is no fee.  But infants born before 1/1/2021 should be counted as a family member.

Can I add my ex-husband or ex-wife to my membership if he or she takes our kids to the pool?

Yes. Any person who needs to access our pool on a regular basis must be added to your membership, even if they are not swimming. 

We will be renting our house out this summer.  Can my renters use the pool?

Yes.  Please send an email to to temporarily transfer your membership to your tenants.  Depending on their family size they may need to pay an increased fee.   

Can I take guests to the pool?

Yes, any member – permanent, summer or late summer – are welcome to invite guests, as long as there are no more than ten, for a fee. Prices are

  • weekdays for all ages is $5
  • weekends for adults 18+ yrs old, $10 and for those under 18, $5
  • Please note that COVID restrictions may prohibit guests this season. It is still too soon to forecast this.

Is there a discount for buying guest passes in bulk?

Yes. If you purchase guest tickets for $60 or more at registration before May 1, 2021 you will receive an automatic 10% discount at check out.  Guest ticket passes NEVER expire so now is a good time to stock up, especially if you’re planning on having birthday parties or many out-of-town guests.

How do I make a reservation for a party? 

Please check out the Party Reservation tab on our website.  Reservations are required if you plan to host 10-25 people.  We ask that you contact us at least three weeks before your event so we can plan accordingly.

I’ve heard wonderful things about your swim and dive teams.  How can I find out more information?

Please check out swim and dive team sections on our website.   For our swim team, children can start as soon as they can swim one length of the pool unaided.  Beyond practices and meets, there are many social activities, including Family Pasta Nights.  Swim team is a great way for adults and children to meet other pool members. 

I have a suggestion or complaint.  Who do I send this to?

Please send an email to   A Board member receives all emails to this account, and we welcome all questions and feedback.