Bannockburn Dive Team



We hope you join us as a diver, parent, or just fan of the  Diving Dolphins – we’re excited about our 6th season of diving at Bannockburn! Our dive team was founded in 2014 and proved to be a popular addition to the club’s aquatics program from the very beginning. With about 30-35 divers with increasing experience, spread across all age categories – including a number of All-Star competitors – we are looking forward to continuing growth and success.

All pool members age 6-18 are welcome to join dive team – no previous diving experience is required!

Here are the basics on our upcoming season:

Returning coaches:

Coaches Danielle “Cookie” Lair-Ferrari and Liam Gilbert will be returning this summer, and we also expect to hold a series of skills clinics coached by Niki Glazer, our 2018 coach. Cookie is a charter member of Dolphins Diving, as well as a lifetime member of the swim team. She is finishing up her first year at the New School in New York City. Liam is a rising senior at Walt Whitman High School, where he dives for the Vikings. He’s also a member of the Montgomery Dive Club’s National Team. Niki was a longtime top diver in MCDL, on the USA Diving national circuit, and for the University of Louisville.

This season, we’re back in MCDL Division 5. The season format is the same as in previous years – practice starts the Tuesday after Memorial Day; a rookie meet early in mid-June, Sunday afternoon meets (SEE SCHEDULE: HTTP://WWW.MCDIVING.ORG/CONTENT/SCHEDULE/2019), and the Divisionals and the All-Star meet in late July for those who qualify. We have had several divers working hard at improving their skills this winter at Montgomery Dive Club, and many more who are eager to get back to summer diving.

IN ADDITION TO THE MAY 9 MEETING, LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TEAM at Back-To-Pool Night, together with the Swim Team, on Thursday, May 23rd,  5:30-6:30 pm.

PRACTICES. Practices will be held each weekday from 6:30 until 8:30 pm, same as last year, split into two separate hour-long sessions, divided into age and/or experience groups, at the coach’s option. There will be practices most Fridays around social events, but not all.

SOCIAL EVENTS AND TEAM GEAR: We are the Dive Team section of the Bannockburn Swim and Dive team, and our wearable items (T-shirt, etc) will reflect that. So look for “Bannockburn Swim and Dive” wear and other items this summer! Also, as last summer, we will be combining swim/dive team members for all social events.