The Board wishes to encourage active participation of all members. We welcome your input. Any suggestions, comments or complaints should be made to the on-site Pool Manager or to the Board Members below. The Board’s meetings are open to members and notice of dates and times will be posted.

Board of Directors

Tanya SislerPresident
Mark SincevichVice President
Alex WassiliewSwim Team Liaison
Roland BackhausGrounds & Facilities
John MartinSocial
Andy LevinsonTreasurer
Chuck MontrieBethesda Aquatics
Teri TomlinBethesda Aquatics
Erika SatlofWebsite and Membership
Paul LallTechnology & Operating Rules
Patty HowieMembership and Nominating Committee
Maddie GrantSecretary
Anne BannerNewsletter


Please feel free to access the Bannockburn bylaws at any time.