Bannockburn Swim Club Member Registration Process – Changes for 2018 Season

With a significant increase in permanent memberships over the last two years, Bannockburn Swim Club (BSC) now has well over 400 active and inactive permanent member families. This is certainly a strong testament to the increasing popularity of our neighborhood swim club. However, it also presents a challenge because the bylaws limit the number of active permanent memberships to 340 annually to prevent overcrowding. The challenge is in discerning how many permanent members will elect to be active members in any given year. For 2017 there were 320 active permanent member families, which allowed the remaining slots for additional families to join BSC as “Summer Members.”

Because of the increase in permanent members, there are very few slots available for summer members. Unfortunately, numerous past summer members were turned away for the 2017 season and no applicants from the wait list were offered membership. In order to provide the requisite priority to our permanent members and remove the uncertainty for past summer members and those on the wait list, we have revised the membership registration process for 2018. The revisions will allow for an earlier and more timely conclusion to the permanent member registration process, facilitate any new member registrations, and provide sufficient time for past summer members and wait listed prospects to seek alternative pool memberships as necessary.

For 2018 the permanent member registration process will begin on or about December 1, 2017. We ask that all permanent members seeking active status for 2018 complete their registrations by February 16, 2018. As in past years, registrations are not complete until the member has completed the member registration form available on the BSC website and paid the annual dues in full. Beginning on February 17, the status for all permanent members who have completed the registration process will be changed to “active.” The status for all remaining permanent members will be changed to “inactive.” Inactive members will be billed an administrative fee of $50 to maintain their membership or they may elect to redeem their membership and receive the balance of the one-time membership initiation fee they paid to become permanent members (less any delinquent charges owed to BSC).

Upon completion of the existing permanent member registration process, any additional permanent memberships will be available to applicants whose permanent residence is within the original Bannockburn subdivision, subject to the 340 family ceiling for active permanent memberships. Any remaining memberships will be available for single season “summer members.” Please see membership FAQ’s in the member section of this website for additional information.