Bannockburn Pool – Summer 2020 Membership Pledge:

  • I agree to use the Bannockburn Pool facility at my own risk.
  • I will not visit the pool if I have exhibited symptoms of COVID 19 in the past 14 days and/or and have been in close contact with a diagnosed case in the past 14 days.
  • I will be respectful of Bannockburn staff and follow their guidance and direction.
  • I will be respectful of other members.
  • I will practice social distancing while at the pool, both in the water, on the deck, and on pool grounds, consistent with CDC guidelines.
  • I will wear a mask while at Bannockburn Pool except when I am in the water.
  • I will shower before visiting the pool and leave the Bannockburn facility and parking lot promptly at the end of my pool time.
  • I will observe any restrictions/limits put in place regarding number of pool visits in a week/month to ensure all members have an opportunity to use the pool.
  • I will respect and follow the guidelines and understand and agree that any violation of these directives may result in a suspension or loss of membership.