Special Operating Policies & Procedures for Summer 2020

The following are initial policies & procedures for Summer 2020.  It’s highly likely these will evolve probably dramatically as we evaluate demand, as County Guidelines change, and external conditions change.

Key policies to know when we first open:

  • Only members with reservations are allowed on the pool premises.  No guests permitted.  Members can make reservations two days prior (for example:  reservations open up at 12:01 am Friday morning for all Sunday slots.)
  • All swimmers will be required to check in at the front desk before entering.
  • Members must wear face masks at all times when not swimming.
  • Swimmers must “dip in, dip out.”  Swimmers must exit the pool and premises as soon as their designated time slot is up.
  • Bathrooms will be available but we ask that members shower and change at home.
  • Members will enter at the gate by the Baby Pool
  • Members will exit through the gate by the basketball court
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are practicing social distancing with non-family members at all times at the pool.

Operating Hours:

Weekdays Early Bird Lap Swimming: 6:00am-9:15am

Weekday Swim Team: 9:30am – 12:15pm

Weekdays Open Swim & Lap Swimming: 12:30pm-8:30pm

Saturday & Sunday Early Bird Lap Swimming: 6:00a-10:15am

Saturday & Sunday Open Swim & Lap Swimming: 10:30am-8:30pm

Pool Reservations:

  • We’ll be using an online reservation system for members to reserve pool time because we need to limit capacity per County guidelines.
  • Directions and a link to reserve time is on the pool website: http://bannockburn.network2.membersplash.com/reservations/
  • Members will be able to reserve lap lanes in the morning and 2-hour ‘open swim’ slots the rest of the day.  Lap swimming will also be offered during this time as well.
  • Reservations will be available two days in advance (for example:  reservations open up at 12:01 am Friday morning for all Sunday slots.)
  • Initially, we’re asking each member limits themselves to no more than three reservations per week (M – F) and no more than one on the weekend (Sat & Sun).
  • We respectfully ask that everyone use the reservation system as lifeguards will be relying on it to confirm names at check-in; please do not trade your slot, instead make the change in the system.
  • Members do not have to show up on time — you are free to use only part of your slot;  you will not lose the time slot.

Bannockburn Pledge / Waiver:

  • Members will be required to agree to a waiver/pool pledge in order to use the facilities.

Pool furniture:

  • Pool furniture will be arranged in pods, spaced apart by at least 6 feet.
  • We ask that if you need to move the furniture, please do so within the pod (or a short distance) but not to a new location within the pool.  Please respect your neighbor’s social distancing.

Traffic Flow at the Pool:

  • Members will enter at the gate by the Baby Pool
  • Members will exit through the gate by the basketball court
  • The main entrance through the clubhouse will remain closed until further notice

Limited Facilities (initially):

  • Baby pool will be closed
  • Showers will be closed
  • Bathroom access is limited to a maximum of 2 to 3 people at a time

Cleaning & Disinfecting Plan:

  • At the conclusion of each time slot, there will be a 15-minute period for safe entry and exit of the pool. We ask that members leave the pool as quickly as possible at the conclusion of their time slot in respect for the next group.
  • In between time slots, the bathhouse and frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned by pool management/guards.
  • Professional cleaners will come each evening/after hours to disinfect the bathhouse.


  • Your volunteer pool board will continue to assess conditions as the summer progresses and follow Montgomery County and the State of Maryland guidance on pool safety.
  • As conditions change, the pool board will update members via email, text alert, on the pool website, and on the pool bulletin boards.