Save the Date – Next Raft Night Friday, July 28th 6:00 – 6:45 pm

This much loved Bannockburn tradition is back!  Get your zaniest, craziest rafts and float and giggle to your heart’s content. Bring friends (make sure to buy guest passes in advance please). Electric pumps are highly recommended!! And this time, let’s hope we don’t get rained out earlier in the evening! 

We would appreciate it if your family could follow some simple rules to make this night as fun as possible for everyone. 

  • Only single-person rafts please! No large rafts for multiple people!  
  • No flipping rafts or swimming under rafts
  • Do not allow rafts to be overloaded
  • No rafts in the diving well
  • No jumping from the side of the pool onto rafts! 
  • Parents, please keep a close eye on your children throughout raft night

Remember, rafts can be dangerous and they present a challenge for lifeguards. Please be sure to heed all warnings from lifeguards and be safe at all times. 

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