How to Make a Reservation by Phone

Lifeguards can make or cancel a reservation by calling (301)229-6876 between the hours of 12PM-5PM when the pool is open.

How to Make a Reservation Online

Google Chrome browser preferred

When a Bannockburn member visits the reservations page they are prompted to log in to their account if they haven’t already.  You then need to choose in the top left corner what type of reservation you want to make — for Early Bird Lap Swimming or General Pool Hours.  Reservations open 2 days prior (for example: reservations open up at 12:01 am Friday morning for all Sunday slots).

Any reservation slots that have already passed or that are at capacity are disabled and grayed out.  Hovering over any slot shows the number of available spaces in that slot.  Slots are also color coded: Those with more than 75% of the total spaces still available have a green bar on the left while those with less than 75% have a yellow bar.

To book a slot a member simply clicks on it and a reservation window opens with all paid members on the account listed.  They check off which member will be attending and submit to confirm the reservation.

The reservation tool has also been optimized for mobile devices, making it easy for members to reserve spots from their phone or tablet as well as computer.  On mobile devices they are presented with a day view with the ability to jump to any date via a calendar.


Managing & Cancelling Reservations Online

Members will now find a Reservations tab in their manage account screen (under Member tab) where they can view all of their past and upcoming reservations and cancel any upcoming ones they no longer wish to use.